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NeuroSpa was developed in partnership with Selah CCW to serve our community in the areas of mental health and wellness. It is designed to provide state of the art intervention for cognitive functioning in a spa like setting. You are able to participate in treatment options such as micro current Neurofeedback, as well as spending time in an infrared sauna or sensory deprivation tank. You may also benefit from ketamine therapy (in partnership) for treatment resistant depression, as well as many other ailments.

We also have a special heart for VETERANS and are able to provide treatment for minimal to no cost for our veteran population. Please reach out if you are interested!

Cherie Dopson, our founder, in partnership with her friend Shannon Cook, came up with the idea of "all-inclusive" wellness. They have been working toward the goal of founding a place where you can do it all and feel they have achieved this successfully! Give us a call to experience this for yourself! 

Please email or call us at (205) 850-8182 for more information. You may also contact us through Warrior Wellness Group. 


Opening August 1, 2024!

What We Offer

NeuroSpa is a holistic wellness practice specializing in alternative therapeutic approaches to mental health. We have created an integrated approach to self care bringing multiple alternative therapies together available in one place to help you find your customized way to wellness through healing your mind, body and spirit. 

These therapies include, but are not limited to; counseling services, ketamine assisted psychotherapy, infrared sauna, neurofeedback, halo-therapy, sensory deprivation tank, IV infusions, scalp facials, massages, detox foot soaks, a migraine room, and many more. 

NeuroSpa, in collaboration with All In Care, offers exclusive membership perks such as members only hours for accessibility, free and discounted services, first access to new therapies, priority booking for mobile IVs in home, and many more.  

The idea to promote overall wellness is that while we sit stationary for a time to complete psychotherapy or an IV infusion, you might as well take care of some other wellness or self care therapies while we sit. 

At NeuroSpa, members benefit from a collaborative self-care approach to achieve quality care. We've created an enabling environment in which self-care interventions are made available to our members in an "a la carte" or all-inclusive manner. 

The Why

Self-care interventions are evidence-based. They include medicines, counseling, diagnostics and/or digital technologies which can be accessed fully or partially outside of formal health services.

We believe self care IS the new healthcare. Self-care is a complement to our current health system. Self-care interventions offer a strategy to improve universal health coverage, reach people in humanitarian situations, and improve health and well-being. 

* Self-care is the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote and maintain their own health, prevent disease, and to cope with illness – with or without the support of a health or care worker.

*Self-care actions include practices, habits, and lifestyle choices.

*Regular physical activity is a form of self-care that can avert an estimated 3.9 million premature deaths each year. Sometimes we are unable to be physical, so we utilize alternative forms of self-care strategies to achieve similar results. 

NeuroSpa’s interventions and framework support and promote innovative approaches as ways to strengthen primary health care and to accelerate attainment of universal health coverage. The framework and normative guideline are grounded in and advocate for a strengthened, comprehensive, people-centered approach to health and well-being.

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