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Updated March 20, 2020


As of today, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) announced that we are able to provide services through any means necessary. This can be a telephone call, Facetime, Thera-LINK (HIPAA compliant), or any other means you see necessary. We are buckling down on exposure, but we are here however you need us. 


With that being said, please email your therapist directly regardless of day, to request therapy services. We are all "on call" and can reach out to you any day it is necessary. For the time being, if you have a scheduled appointment in office, we are still here. We are asking all of you that if you cannot make your appointment in person, PLEASE allow us to use telehealth to provide services. We are a small business and this time is greatly impacting us, as it is you. We don't care if you are in your pajamas or sitting on the couch. We want you to have the access you need to therapeutic services.


With that being said, if you are symptomatic AT ALL (symptoms of COVID-19, allergies, sinus issues, etc.), we will be unable to see you in office. We encourage you to use telehealth during your scheduled time. We will do our best to reduce exposure to any virus or ailment during this unsure time. 


We will be reaching out if we make a decision to close the office completely. Right now, we are able to provide a clean and secure environment. Your therapist will meet you directly at your appointed time and walk you to their office, as well as walk you out.